Copywriting & Marketing Services


Advertising, Marketing and Consumer-Focused Communications

Do you want just a copywriter? Or do you want someone who understands all aspects of marketing and communications and knows how to deliver key messages that will connect with your target audience? Comfortable in print or digital marketing, I excel in marketing communications, brand and strategy.

Writing comes naturally to me, so I’m comfortable writing in most industries and also have experience with:

  • Scriptwriting for video and other media
  • Speechwriting for executives
  • Patient education for health care marketing

Website Content Creation

Whether you need a web developer or have one handy, I can help you create content that brings visitors to your site, keeps them there and keeps them coming back.

Listening is my key to success to make sure I give you the website you want—in your brand’s voice.

I’ve partnered with other agencies and businesses’ in-house staff to create content for landing pages and entire websites, from small improvements to major website refreshes.

Brand Strategy & Guidelines

Building a brand excites me! I love talking to clients about their companies and their customers and helping them strategize to create a consistent and compelling brand image and voice. Communicating your brand to your employees is probably the most important step you take in a brand refresh. I can help you create brand guidelines that help your employees be excellent brand ambassadors.  I helped create corporate-wide brand style guidelines for Aetna while a full-time employee there, as well as for some of my freelance clients, and I can help you do the same for your business to get all your employees to deliver action and messaging in the same brand voice.

Marketing Consulting

Maybe you’re a small business or entrepreneur who needs help creating a marketing plan. I’m an insightful and strategic marketer who applies creative perspective and excellent problem-solving skills to every project, big or small.

Need help getting started on social media? I have developed and led training workshops with large, medium and small businesses on using different social media channels for B2B and B2C marketing.

Tagline & Mission Statement Creation

Taglines can be a potent tool to help solidify your brand in your customers’ minds. They’re not easy for everyone to create, nor should they be. The key to a good tagline is knowing what’s already out there, knowing your business and your customers, and concisely (and perhaps cleverly) summing up what your customers can expect in about two to ten words.

Mission statements can also be difficult for companies. You may know what your business mission is, but translating that in a concise way that connects emotionally with your customers can be tricky. That’s why it helps to have outside help—an objective expert who can help you articulate a clear, resonant mission statement.


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